Airlander 10


Iconic works is an approved supplier to Hybrid Air Vehicles. We have worked on many areas of the project where we designed ground works to aircraft support equipment using Solidworks CAD.

Motorcycle Products


We have been developing a range of components and products for several motocycles

Solar Powered Vehicle


Iconic has provided manufacturing support for a Solar Powered Vehicle for use in challenges all over the world.

Tipper Body Analysis


We were asked to run FEA simulations on the rear structure of a Tipper Truck to assess the suitability of a design.

Fixing a Failing Component


This was quite a challenge. We analysed a plastic component to see why the original part was failing. Cross referencing the failed physical parts with our analysis we then designed a more robust replacement. 



We engage with many customers form a wide selection of industries where we provide manufacturing data and drawings to many standards.



We regularly attend events where we can assist with promoting Engineering as a career path to school leavers. The Picture here shows us at the Gravity Fields event held in Grantham.

Engineered in Grantham


We work with a group of like minded Engineering Employers in the Grantham area to help promote Engineering to school leavers to address the skills gap in our sector.

3D Printing


We use 3D Printing in house to realise concepts at the early stage to fine tune feasibility and function before the detail design can be completed.

Manufacturing Assistance


Helping a customer who we do alot of design work for, install, design and set up multiple fixtures on their new CNC machine. We also implemented the use of CAM within their company to program the machine. 

Reverse Engineering


We take an old worn out part and any other technical data that is available and recreate new CAD data so the parts can be made once again.

Hands On


Hands on and working with your team, we strive to fill all areas that require assistance as a standard.

CFD STUDY - Celica Race Car

This was a basic study to see how the introduction of several performance enhancements would manifest on a Toyota Celica Race Car.